Medication Management

  • Medication management

A smoke alarm goes off jolting us while we are cooking. We go fan the smoke alarm or even take out the batteries. However if we don’t deal with the cause of the smoke, the alarm will come back or our home will fill with smoke.

Medication can be viewed the same way. When we experience depression, excessive worry, insomnia, impulsiveness, these symptoms can be seem as an alarm alerting us to something being wrong. Oftentimes we may need to take a medication like pulling the batteries out so we can dampen the noise while we attend to the cause. Medication does not need to be looked at as the sole help, needed for the rest on one’s life, or the ultimate cure. It has a good place but so does many other modalities.

Here at NVelUp we exist to come alongside with medication management, therapy, coaching, naturopathic and nutrition consultation to help you to live a life that has meaning to you, to be present in your relationships, to feel your unique purpose taking care of your responsibilities; all with the least amount of medication.  Get started today!