• Naturopathy

Have you been feeling tired and sluggish lately?  Do you remember how vibrant and energetic you used to feel but slowly, over time, you’ve noticed you’re not your usual self?  Do you wonder what changes are going on within your body?  

Perhaps a Naturopathic doctor can help you to get back on the right track.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) understand the connection that exists between your body, your environment and your lifestyle on total health. It’s a ‘Treat the Whole Person’ approach that NDs use to help restore balance and health.

Often, the ‘root cause’ of pain and illness is the result of years of small, seemingly unnoticeable choices.  Whether it be diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress, etc.  Your life-choices impact how you feel.

Naturopathic doctors may use something called, “The Therapeutic Order”.  

At the top of the pyramid you have things like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery (heavy-duty interventions).  At the base there’s diet and lifestyle changes, exercise, stress management and other less invasive choices.

A good doctor should start with the least invasive measures first, see if they work, then move on to more invasive options only when those other options fail.

Naturopathic therapies, such as those from Dr. Friedman, of NVelUp, may help you reestablish your health, regain your body’s balance and allow you to once again enjoy the life you remember; one of pain-free joy.